Keynote Speech

Keynote Speech

1)Before October 10, 2019: Final submission of all accepted reports or papersor abstracts in doc or pdf or ppt.

2)Before September 10, 2019: Submission of report or paper or abstract in doc or pdf or ppt. According to the report or paper or abstract quality, an oral presentation or poster will be informed to the author by email.

3)The conference will publish the summary of the reports (the accepted paper or abstracts).The excellent paper (full text) will be recommended to the non-destructive testing magazine. The young reporters (under the age of 45) will have opportunity to get the excellent-report awards with certificates and bonuses.


Keynote speech list(The third round, the report is ordered according to presenter's response time


Title of presentation


Part I: International presentations

  1. 1

Modern techniques for studying microstructure and properties of CFR laminates.

Prof. Vadim M. Levin, Russia

  1. 2

Advances in Modern Mass-Manufacturing using NDE 4.0 Process

based on Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Roman Gr. Maev, Canada

  1. 3

Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics. High Tech Experience. Challenges of Industry 4.0 for instrument engineering and metrology in the field of NDT and CM

Prof. Vladimir Syasko, Russia

  1. 4

Acoustic microscopy application for observing structural changes resulted from joint climatic and mechanical loading

Prof. Ryzhova Tatiana, Russia

  1. 5

Acoustic and Raman microscopy as methods of NDT

Dr. Andrew Shubin, Russia

  1. 6

Low-velocity impact damage in CFRP composites - ply-by-ply imaging of fracture zone by high-frequency impulse acoustic microscopy

Dr. Egor S. Morokov, Russia

  1. 7

DR Automatic Detection Technology Application Based on Industry 4.0

Mr. Lenart Schulenburg, Germany

  1. 8

World’s first phased array air coupling ultrasound technique and application

Mr. Tobia Gautzsch, SONOTEC UT application expert, Germany

Part II: Domestic presentations11

  1. 9

The application and demand of ultrasonic intelligence detection and evaluation technology

Prof. Songping Liu

  1. 10

Progress on research of ultrasonic phased array iNDT&E

Prof. Zhengan Zhou

  1. 11

Ultrasonic iNDT&E possibility for composites – problems and preliminary applications

Prof. Feifei Liu

  1. 12

The studies of acoustic basic problem of ultrasonic guided wave for intelligent detectio1n

Prof. Bixing Zhang

  1. 13

A practical application of the intelligent detection technology based on optical imaging

Senior Eng. Qiang Cao

  1. 14

The technical prospect of X-ray intelligent detection and evaluation

Prof. Congke Wang

  1. 15

Basic consideration on instrument equipment calibration technique in intelligent detection and evaluation

Prof. Xiangqun Xu

  1. 16

Research on intelligent detection and evaluation using fiber optic sensing technology

Prof. Peng Wei

  1. 17

Research on X-ray intelligent detection and evaluation technology and discussion of its standardization

Prof. Zhongcheng Sun

  1. 18

Research on eddy current field and defect evaluation based on alternating current excitation

Prof. Kai Song

  1. 19

Air-coupling ultrasonic single probe technology and application case analysis

Prof. Yuping Shen

  1. 20

technical case analysis of air-coupling ultrasonic detection and intelligent evaluation

Prof. Junjie Chang

  1. 21

Intelligent design and application of NDE&E equipment

  • Ultrasonic testing technology based on industrial robots

Prof. Chunguang Xu

  1. 22

Problems in "seamless" connection between intelligent detection and manufacturing

Prof. Guangping Wang

  1. 23

The study of ultrasonic intelligence detection in high temperature environment

  • Analysis of practical defect examples in high temperature in-service tubes

Dr. Jiuhong Jia

  1. 24

NDT personnel qualification training after intelligence

Senior Egn. Jinyuan Ji

  1. 25

Research on intelligent detection and evaluation of equipment

  • Research on the detection of typical damage and evaluation of structural integrity

Prof. Juntao Wang

  1. 26

Preliminary intelligent design of the total focused phase control system

Prof. Qiangtian Peng

  1. 27

Eddy current instrument platform for industry 4.0 applications

Jiakang Shuai, CEO

  1. 28

Development of ultrasonic devices for intelligent manufacturing

Prof. Zicheng Wang


Education of college student in intelligent time 

Prof. YongYou


Preliminary study of intelligent defect discrimination using phased array ultrasonic technique.

Senior Eng. Xiuming Chen

  1. 31

The studies of acoustic basic problem of ultrasonic guided wave for intelligent detection

  • The design and application of the new ultrasonic wave guide electromagnetic acoustic transducer

Prof. Zenghua Liu


1) The titles of the keynote speeches will be updated in real time according to the invited representatives and the conference representative.

2) Oral presentation time is limited to 25mins.

Professor Songping Liu:

Tel: 86-13501205627



Professor Feifei Liu

Tel: 86-10-13661301257


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