The 2019 international, intelligent, innovative nondestructive testing and evaluation (iNDT&E’2019)conference will be held in Shanghai Everbright International Hotelfrom October 30 to November 1. The iNDT&E’2019 aims to talk about "today and tomorrow" testing technologies. There will be series of wonderful technology and academic reports from domestic and international experts during the conference. During the same time, the quality control (QC) exhibition will be held. All delegates participating iNDT&E’2019 conference will have opportunity to visit the QC exhibition. iNDT&E’2019 will provide helps for meeting delegates on solutions, ideas, knowledge to technological innovation and enterprise technical problems. 

Intelligent detection and evaluation technology is an advanced solution to the practical problem of engineering, and it is highly intersectional in disciplines and techniques. The more in-depth the scientific research, the more development the technology, the higher the degree of industrialization, the more obvious and urgent the demand for intelligent detection and evaluation. The former of intelligent detection and evaluation is the non-destructive testing, and it went through "check", "inspection", "testing", "evaluation", "testing and evaluation ", … . With its continuous progress and development, the current "intelligent detection and evaluation" has very abundant connotation and practical needs. Especially with the development of modern sciences and technologies, the whole promotion of industrialization level and degree of industrialization, the coming out of industrial 4.0, the directions and development of intelligent detection and evaluation technology have been highly concerned and widely associated by the people in the area. Before the coming of next technology and industrial revolution to us, who will go ahead and who will be the first to be the leader, they will be the wealth creator of technology and industrial technology. Therefore, everyone wants to promote new development of detection and evaluation technologies in the area through their high efficient working. iNDT&E’2019 will provide platform and opportunity to all delegates, including scholars, experts, researchers and technicians, to meet each other and find what they want. Warmly welcome everyone, every enterprise, company to participate in iNDT&E’2019.


Conference schedule

时间 活动内容 报告人 主持人
October 31, 2019 08:50 - 9:30
  1. Welcome Speech by Professor Cao Zhenghua, the President of AVIC Composite Corporation LTD, Director of Advanced Composite Tech. International Joint R&D Center 

President Cao Zhenghua Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.

Welcome Speech by Mr. Sun Dan, the Vice-President of Shanghai Research Institute of Materials   Vice-President Sun Dan

Liu Songping, Prof.

Welcome speech by Mr. Xu Yongchang, the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Chinese Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ChSNDT); 

Executive Vice-Chairman Xu Yongchang

Liu Songping, Prof.

Welcome speech and Simple introduction about iNDT&E 2019 conference, and announcement of 1st iNDT&E committee members by professor Liu Songping, the Vice-Chairman of ChSNDT, Chairman of iNDT&E 2019 conference and iNDT&E committee

Prof. Liu Songping, Vice-Chairman of ChSNDT, Chairman of iNDT&E 2019

Liu Songping, Prof.

9:30 - 10:00

Keynote speech (with English-Chinese simultaneous translation):

Modern techniques for studying bulk microstructure and properties of CFR laminates.  

Vadim M. Levin, Prof

Liu Songping, Prof.

10:00 - 10:10 Taking Photo together for memory

Address:The outdoor of 1st floor of Shanghai Everbright International Hotel.

All conference members

Liu Feifei, Prof.

10:10 - 12:10 Visiting QC exhibition: technical seminar

Address: QC exhibition hall

All conference members

Weigang Wang, Mr

12:10-13:10 Working Lunch

Address: QC exhibition hall

All conference members

Weigang Wang, Mr


Keynote speech

Russian Society for Non-Destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics. High Tech Experience. Challenges of Industry 4.0 for instrument engineering and metrology in the field of NDT and CM

Vladimir Syasko, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.


Acoustic microscopy application for observing structural changes resulted from joint climatic and mechanical loading

Ryzhova Tatiana,Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.


Acoustic and Raman microscopy as methods of NDT

Andrew Shubin, Vice-President of Ostec Instruments

Liu Songping, Prof.


Low-velocity impact damage in CFRP composites - ply-by-ply imaging of fracture zone by high-frequency impulse acoustic microscopy 

Egor S. Morokov, Senior researcher

Liu Songping, Prof.


Advances in Modern Mass-Manufacturing using NDE 4.0 Process based on Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Roman Gr. Maev, Rouslan Rakhoutine PhD

Liu Songping, Prof.


Research on intelligent detection and evaluation using fiber optic sensing technology (Moving to Oct. 31 afternoon 16:05-16:35 because of trip)

Wei Peng, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.


VisiConsult DR Automatic Detection Technology Application Based on Industry 4.0

Mr. Lennart Schulenburg

Liu Songping, Prof.

16:57-12:27 World’s first phased array air coupling ultrasound technique and application

Mr. Tobia Gautzsch, SONOTEC UT application expert, Germany,

Liu Songping, Prof.


Welcome diner. Address: 1st floor of the conference hall, Shunfeng hotel

All conference members

Liu Feifei, Prof.

11月1日 08:30 - 9:00

The application and development of ultrasonic intelligence detection and evaluation techniques

Liu Songping, Prof.

Song Kai, Prof.

Keynote speech:

Intelligent array ultrasonic NDT techniques

Zhou Zhengan, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.


Keynote speech:

Robotic ultrasonic NDT technique 

Xu Chunguang,Prof

Liu Songping, Prof.


Keynote speech:

The studies of acoustic basic problem of ultrasonic guided wave for intelligent detection

Zhang Bixing, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.

10:34-10:54 Research on intelligent eddy current field and defect evaluation based on alternating current excitation

Song Kai, Prof

Liu Songping, Prof.
10:55-11:05 Tea/coffee break    
11:06-11:26 Ultrasonic iNDT&E possibility for composites – problems and preliminary applications

Liu Feifei, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.
11:27-11:47 Eddy current instrument platform for industry 4.0 applications

Shuai Jiakang, CEO

Liu Songping, Prof.
11:48-12:08 Research on X-ray intelligent detection and evaluation technology and discussion of its standardization

Sun Zhongcheng, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.
12:09-13:30 Luch.  Address: 1st floor of the conference hall, Shunfeng hotel Fu Tianhang, Mr

Air-coupling ultrasonic single probe technology and application case analysis

Shen Yuping, PhD

Liu Songping, Prof.

13:51-14:11 The technical prospect of X-ray intelligent detection and evaluation

Wang Congke, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.

The development of ultrasonic devices in intelligent time

Wang Zicheng, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.

Technical case analysis of air-coupling ultrasonic detection and intelligent evaluation

Chang Junjie, Prof.

Liu Songping, Prof.

A practical application of the intelligent detection technology based on optical imaging

Cao Qiang, Senior Eng

Kai Song, Prof.

15:17-15:37 Research on the detection of typical damage and evaluation of structural integrity

Wang Juntao, Prof.

Kai Song, Prof.


Preliminary study of defect intelligent discrimination using phased array ultrasonic technique

Chen Xiuming, Senior Eng.

Kai Song, Prof.

15:59-16:00 Tea/coffee break    

Validity of digital simulation in intelligent NDT

Bai Shize, Mr.

Zhou Zhenggan, Prof.

16:22-16:42 The merging of intelligent NDT and 5G technique

Bao Panhu, Mr.

Zhou Zhenggan, Prof.


The study of ultrasonic intelligence detection in high temperature environment

Analysis of practical defect examples in high temperature in-service tubes

Jia Jiuhong, PhD

Zhou Zhenggan, Prof.

17:04-17:34 College student education in intelligent time

You Yong, Prof.

Zhou Zhenggan, Prof.


Technical seminar 

All conference members

Liu Songping, Prof.


Thanking-diner and awards-giving ceremony.

Address: Runyuan hotel.

All conference members

Liu Songping, Prof.

See all of you in next iNDT&E conference again

Important dates

October 30, 2019


October 30 - November 1st

Meeting date

Before October 10, 2019

Final submission

Before September10, 2019

Submission of report or paper or abstract in doc or pdf or ppt


Summary of the reports

The conference will publish the summary of the reports (the accepted paper or abstracts).

Excellent paper

The excellent paper (full text) will be recommended to the non-destructive testing magazine. The young reporters (under the age of 45) will have opportunity to get the excellent-report awards with certificates and bonuses.


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